29 August 2007

Why a Blog?

Back in February, LDS Tourism Services Ltd (LDSTS) celebrated its fifteenth anniversary. Much has changed (for the better) since we first started out, but the Company has never taken its success for granted and has always been keen to listen to its client's suggestions and requests.

Back in 1992, when Diana and Paula set up the business with a single (ex GPO) van, an Amstrad and a small back-room office in Llandudno, there were few options open to local tourism operators when it came to leaflet distribution. Many attractions, events and establishments produced promotional print, but more often than not, hoteliers complained about the sheer volume of people leaving unwieldy quantities of literature on their doorsteps, in their hallways and stuffed through their letterboxes. Indeed, they were only too delighted when we arrived on the scene.

LDSTS was first to offer free-standing and wall-mounted leaflet holders (free of charge) to local hotels, camp sites, attractions and other busy establishments; we were first to offer distribution throughout the whole of North Wales and the North West and we were first to provide in-depth reports showing exactly where, when and how many leaflets had been delivered to each and every site.

We now offer our clients exclusive display in many high footfall establishments and we continue to come up with a variety of fresh and innovative marketing ideas every year. In 2008, we will be introducing a number of exciting new services. Watch this space for further details.

So why the blog? Well, it's an excellent way for us to keep in touch with our clients and business associates on a regular basis. Here we can chat informally about the day-to-day running of LDSTS and share information about new projects, in the hope that we will receive comments and feedback from everyone and anyone - but especially from our existing customers.

Do nip in to see us whenever you have time, and please feel free to share your thoughts and opinions regarding promotional literature and the tourist industry in general.

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