26 September 2007

2008, Already?

We've mentioned on the blog that Christmas is coming early but here at LDS we are already thinking up new ways to kick start the 2008 season. With Easter being so early we're thinking of new ideas so our customers can get a good coverage before the Spring Holidays.

Family Fun Packs have been going for a couple of years now but this year I feel they will be more important than ever. For many attractions they are directly reaching the target audience. We've had great feedback that families are looking at the packs together and deciding where to visit.

"I look forward to receiving the pack, it's very useful and full of fun and great offers" Mrs Heritage, Chester

What a great way to boost any Spring events, special offers or new attractions!

We also have a completely new venture - Holiday Fun Packs. These packs are designed to go into guest establishments all over Chester, whether it be a large hotel or a cosy B&B. We have created the packs so that guests can take them out and about and with them when they leave, hopefully to return! We hope that this will boost local tourism and encourage more return visits to the region.

Anyone wanting more information about either of these schemes should contact me on 01244 671859, or email hayley@ldsts.co.uk. We would really appreciate any feedback or comments on either of these services so we can improve and develop them to suit everyone.

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Paula Bardell-Hedley said...

Thanks for the heads up on the Holiday Fun Packs, Hayley. This is a great idea of yours and it's encouraging that we're getting such positive feedback from the hotels in Chester. Well done!