13 September 2007

How Many Shopping Days Did You Say?

We always know that the festive season is on the horizon when our client's Christmas literature start arriving from the printers.

Chester Zoo has produced a nice big Frost Fair leaflet this winter, whereas Hoo Farm has gone for a glossy, A5 Halloween/Christmas combined flyer. Today we received an attractive 1/3 A4 Llangollen Wharf Mulled Wine leaflet - the same size as Park Hall's Xmas pamphlet but we've been putting the latter out for almost a month now.

Does Christmas really arrive earlier every year or is it merely that we're getting older? Then again, perhaps it only feels that way because the visitor season has extended so much over the years.

In the Company's early years, there was a very distinct cut off point for leaflet distribution at the end of September. One or two attractions would ask us to keep working into October, but they were few and far between and, by November, most of our customers were taking a well earned holiday in the sun.

How things have changed since then. We now get a slight lull after New Year - although we're hardly aware of it because we're so busy meeting clients to discuss their latest promotional campaigns - but on the whole, the distribution season just keeps on going. Rather like that Eveready powered rabbit you see in the TV adverts!


jamessmith82 said...

I've got to say, Christmas promotion is definately arriving sooner. I'm only in my mid-twenties, but I've seen the difference already, and I'm not at all in favour of it. I think that the commercialisation of Christmas is ruining the atmosphere behand the magic. I'm not particularly religious, and am more inclined to recognise the importance of family and friends, rather than possible historcial events, but I feel the move away from religious connotations will have a negative effect on the season, maybe not for manufacturers and businesses, but on the family structure.

Hayley Tabarn said...

I agree, I have already spotted Christmas foods arriving in the aisles of Supermarkets! However I must admit I do start my present shopping early just because I don't want to get caught up in the crowds. Also I am quite excited at the thought of visiting the Frost Fair this year, something to start the magical Christmas feeling. I'll manage to wait until December though.