22 December 2007

Cadw Sites Offer Gateway to Wales’s Heritage

According to the Welsh Assembly, new research has revealed that almost 75% of all visitors to Cadw sites not only learn something new about Wales’s heritage during their visit but are also encouraged to explore more of its historical wealth as a result.

On their website they say: "An interest in Welsh culture and history was cited as the main motivators for influencing a visit to a Cadw site by over 34% of respondents, with archery demonstrations, re-enactments and falconry displays proving particularly enticing during events. Events at Cadw sites are also more likely to attract local family visitors on day trips. Three-quarters of all respondents also felt current admission prices were about right."

They also found that over 57% of visitors to Cadw sites are female, with 42% of all visitors from Wales stating an ability to speak, understand or read Welsh. It was found that over three-quarters of all visitors came from outside Wales, with European visitors accounting for over half (53%) of those visiting from overseas. Over 55% of all visitors were family groups with this figure rising to 64% during specific event days.

These findings, along with numerous others, will be used by Cadw, the Welsh Assembly’s historic environment service, to guide future marketing and events strategies and better understand the needs of visitors whether according to their gender, age, language use or country of origin. Over 2,500 visitors were interviewed at selected Cadw sites as part of the project undertaken by Beaufort Research throughout August and September 2007.

We will, of course, be working with Cadw again in 2008 distributing their promotional print and representing them at various shows and events.

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