23 January 2008

“Bumper Year” Predicted For Domestic Tourism

According to TravelMole – the online community for the travel and tourism industry – a "bumper" 2008 for the UK travel industry has been predicted.

It would seem that more people are deciding to take domestic holidays this year, and it is being attributed to “concerns by holidaymakers over their carbon footprint, the negative economic effects of the global credit squeeze and more recent publicity regarding the weakness of the pound against the euro making travel to the continent more expensive for British travellers”.

Apparently, self catering is “the number one option for a great number of families taking a break in Great Britain”, which is why companies like Hoseasons are bucking the trend and offering “unique discounts, such as those for single parent families, aimed to make it easier and more appealing for Brits to take a holiday at home”.

So (fingers crossed), it could be an excellent year for the local tourist & leisure industry!

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PaiasoLoco said...

What about the weak dollar? That will surely continue to attract a lot of Europeans to the US.


Paula B-H said...

I'm sure it will, Fede... Although, having said that, there is so much talk of a recession in the UK at the mo, it's almost bound to effect the overseas tourism market to some extent. People are also being encouraged to take a break at home for environmental reasons - and the message is definitely starting to get through. I can't comment on other European countries, but I don't believe that anyone is able to make definite predictions about UK tourism during 2008 at this early stage.