23 May 2008

Definitely Not The Same Company!

Imagine our surprise when, earlier today, we spotted a blog entry entitled Leaflet Delivery in Merseyside on the News in Wigan website - posted by a leaflet distribution company calling itself LDS Limited.

According to their blurb, they have “specialist experience amassed over years in the leaflet… industry.” They also claim that “unlike most other leaflet distributors, LDS focus primarily on the North West, in particular Lancashire and Merseyside”!

We followed a link to their website where we discovered that “Leaflet Distribution Services (LDS) specializes in the distribution of advertising material across the UK”. Seemingly, they have “extensive experience in the leaflet distribution sector”, although, unlike LDS Tourism Services Ltd, they would appear to focus mainly on door-to-door and direct mail.

A little more probing revealed that LDS Limited was registered in 2008 by a London-based outfit called SF Worldwide Ltd.

One wonders how often businesses spring up, as if from nowhere, offering similar services and with almost identical names to those of well established firms? We would be very interested to get some feedback on this.


gary Millar said...

This is outrageous. There are "trading off" rules and I would suggest you contact Michael Sandys at Kirwins Solicitors in Liverpool for a free 30 minute advice session - asap. Good luck, Gary

The LDSTS Team said...

Many thanks indeed, Gary. We are taking legal advice from our solicitor and also the FSB. We'll keep everyone posted on future developments. Paula

Anonymous said...

In a very recent telephone conversation between Mark Holloway (MD of LDS Limited) and Jenny Prime (MD of LDS Tourism) it was established that this thread and the opinions wherein are a complete misunderstanding.

LDS limited is a national leaflet distributor focused primarily on the public sector and does not cater exclusively for the tourism industry.

Also established during the conversation was the fact that there are no conflicting interests between the 2 companies. Jenny Prime also agreed to have this thread amended accordingly.

We look forward to clearing this misunderstanding ASAP and getting on with doing what we do – delivering leaflets.

LDS limited

The LDSTS Team said...

The thread has been ammended, Mark. While we're not entirely happy about the name, we accept that you weren't trying to step on our toes.

We should also point out that Jenny is the Manager, not the MD - that position is held by Diana Bardell-Hedley. Many thanks.

Leaflet Distribution said...

Intellectual copyright is a very major problem and can affect many companies, often without their knowledge. I think you may be amazed at how often people will copy your company information and website content without you permision or knowledge and use it for their own gain. Here at Mailbox Nationwide we take this extremely seriously, as every company should and we always prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.

The LDSTS Team said...

Many thanks for your comments Mailbox team. Incidentally, we very much enjoy reading your regular press releases on the leaflet industry and frequently provide links to them on this blog.