24 June 2008

Midsummer Madness for LDS Tourism Services

It may be mid-summer but we’re busier than ever. There has been a massive increase in the leaflet pick-up rate this year, so we’ve got our work cut out trying to keep our stands topped-up and tidy!

One wonders why this is happening when the economy is supposed to be in so much trouble. One reason could be that a great many Brits are opting to stay on home soil this summer. Indeed, TravelMole is reporting that Britain is the top holiday destination for more than three quarters of UK internet users – that’s 21 million adults! It would seem that data produced by the research firm, Continental Research has revealed that over 40% of respondents are fed up with air travel, 37% believe it is kinder to the environment to stay in the UK and 44% worry less if they fall ill. Amongst the 58% of internet users taking a paid-for short break in 2008, the survey showed that the UK dominates the destinations visited, with many people mentioning the great scenery (56%) and no language barrier (47%) as two of the main reasons. This has to be very positive news indeed for the local tourist and leisure industries.

Believe it or not, Chester Zoo has started planning for its Frost Festival! The 110-acre attraction received a visit from Father Christmas last week and it is currently seeking sponsors for the extravaganza, which will open to the public on 29th November. A range of benefits are offered to sponsors including free tickets, PR coverage and exclusive company use of the ice rink. For further information, please contact Michelle Duma on 01244 650265 or drop her a line at development@chesterzoo.org.

We’ll finish with a couple of interesting links we came across recently:

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