21 August 2008

Flying High During Hard Times

TravelMole published an interesting article on their website yesterday, entitled “Brits raid piggy bank to pay for holiday”. According to research by Abbey Savings, despite soaring utility bills, ridiculous prices at the pump and mortgage payments going through the roof, millions of Brits are refusing to allow the crunch to “stop them having their two weeks playtime”.

The bank revealed that “almost two thirds of holidaymakers” are “raiding the piggy bank to pay for breaks, spending more than £50 billion”. The bank’s findings “echo a summer of stories from diverse sources suggesting that the annual holiday really is the last thing to be sacrificed in leaner times, despite daily media predictions of a massive recession just around the corner”.

We also spotted an article in RealBusiness (“Bring on the recession! It’s good for business”) in which Moir-Jones, the CEO of London Calling – a marketing agency that specialises in leaflet distribution – told the magazine she was completely unfazed by Britain’s looming recession. “When times are hard, people go back to basics”, she said. “Leaflets are a tried and tested form of marketing. During the last recession the firm did really well. We actually experienced high growth, doubling in size that year.”

This struck a chord with LDSTS Directors, Diana and Paula, who set up the business during the slump of the early 90s. “I think we benefitted from our client’s reduced marketing budgets,” says Di. “Without a doubt, printed literature positioned in the right place to catch the eye of potential visitors has always been one of the most successful and cost effective ways to promote an attraction, region or event. Other advertising methods may bite the dust when we hit a downturn but brochures are indispensible when it comes to any short or long-term marketing campaign.”

We recently received a letter of thanks from The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) for sending them our latest batch of used postage stamps for their Save the Albatross charity appeal, which helps raise valuable funds for the protection of these magnificent birds. They thanked us for donating the stamps and expressed a hope that we would continue to do so – which, of course, we will!

If anyone else would like to do something positive to help protect birds around the world, please send your used postage stamps to:

PO Box 6198
Leighton Buzzard
LU7 9XT.

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