22 March 2010

The All New LDSTS Blog

You will probably notice a few changes around here since your last visit, not least to our title, which has become Swift Flyer. Clients and business associates will likely recognise the name from our Company newsletter, which has been landing on their doormats regularly since the early 1990s.

We became aware that the content of this blog was evolving and the focus had shifted from purely brochures and leaflets to include a great many topics, ranging from tourism trends and attraction reviews to industry reports and stories about the day-to-day running of LDS Tourism Services.

To better reflect the changes continually taking place at LDSTS, we decided to drop our old newsletter and replace it with an occasional bulletin - which will include the most popular pieces from this blog - for the benefit of those who prefer the feel of paper between their fingers.

We would very much like to involve you in deciding what sort of content to publish here in the future and would appreciate input of all kinds. Perhaps you would like to share your ideas and opinions with like-minded folk involved in the local or national tourist industry. Maybe you’re a business owner in North Wales, Shropshire or the North West requiring a spot of publicity or you may simply be longing to tell others about a particularly fun day out you had in the region with family and friends.

We’re wide open to suggestions, so if you feel like becoming a Guest Blogger for Swift Flyer, please feel free to submit your reviews, photographs, stories and opinion pieces. In return, your name, service, product, website or anything else will be prominently displayed for all to read.

We would also be delighted to receive input from people involved with brochures and leaflets in any way, shape or form, including designers, printers, writers, photographers and distributors.

Drop us a line if you have any suggestions for future topics.

Image: ©Britainonview / Joanna Henderson

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