30 May 2011

Using Foursquare to promote your business

Most people with an interest in social media will be familiar with Foursquare - the location-based mobile platform that makes towns and cities more interesting to explore. We have long advocated this service as an essential part of any campaign to promote a tourism business, event or leisure facility, so with the service currently boasting over 8 million members worldwide (not to mention adding somewhere in the region of 35,000 new users each day), our initial instincts about the success of this app have proved correct.

Regular readers of this blog will be aware that we are the people behind Foursquare UK, the information hub on Twitter and Facebook. However, we can now report that our Marketing Director has become an official Foursquare Ambassador and Superuser (Level 1).

The former means that you can go to our 4sq page and follow three easy steps to verify your business. It’s completely free and will allow you to claim your establishment, set up Foursquare Specials and view your Venue Stats. The latter enables you to ask us to edit venues which have incorrect details (addresses, locations etc.).

Should you require assistance running your Foursquare campaign – or indeed, help with social media marketing in general – please drop us a line and we’ll discuss your requirements. You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook to stay abreast of what’s happening within the local tourism industry.

Image: Foursquare sticker, © LDS Tourism Services Ltd, 2011

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