24 November 2008

Some Good News For A Change!

The latest issue of our newsletter, Swift Flyer 3, is now available on our website at www.ldsts.co.uk/swift_flyer3.pdf. If you have problems viewing this document, please let us know and we will send you a hard copy via snail-mail.

We are all too aware that the current economic situation probably means that British (and foreign) holidaymakers are going to be more cost conscious than ever before – indeed, a new study by travelsupermarket.com has revealed that more than three quarters (77%) of people in the UK believe the price of their holiday is the most important factor in deciding where to go next year.

However, the news isn’t all bad. According to a recent study by PKF Hotel Consultancy Services, the UK hotel industry is still “holding its own” despite a “slow” month in October, and the fall in growth rate has been “fairly moderate”. More interestingly, new research has shown that “holidaymakers are planning a return to happy, nostalgic memories of their childhood breaks to get them through the hard times”. The poll of more than 2,000 people found that “in credit crunch Britain, a new generation has rekindled its love affair with the caravan. Rather than jet off abroad, almost two in ten (27%) of parents intend to take their children on a drive down memory lane inspired by their own childhood caravan holiday”.

The survey (commissioned by Towergate Bakers Insurance) revealed that the ‘Top 5 Nostalgia’ family holidays in the year ahead would be:

1. Holidays on the British coast (49%)

2. Country cottage holidays in the UK (29%)

3. Caravan holidays (27%)

4. Camping (20%)

5. Barge (9%)

This could potentially be very positive news indeed for small businesses in Britain and (fingers crossed) despite all the present talk of financial gloom and doom, 2009 may yet turn out to be a good year for tourism in North Wales and the North West.

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