14 July 2009

LDS Tourism Are Delighted to be Proved Right!

According to today's Daily Post:

Bumper summer for North Wales holiday resorts
"HOLIDAY parks and hotels are preparing for a record-breaking summer as tourists boycott foreign breaks in favour of UK destinations. Bookings are way up on previous years, according to travel operators across North Wales..."

Read the rest of the article by Martin Williams at: http://www.dailypost.co.uk/news/north-wales-news/2009/07/14/bumper-summer-for-north-wales-holiday-resorts-55578-24145038/


Hayley Tabarn said...

Very pleased about British Tourism getting a boost. In my time off work I am hoping to go camping in North Wales and take some day trips to the regions attractions. Luckily I'm not short for ideas, just need to go and have a browse in the warehouse!
I'll keep you updated on my adventures via the blog.

Paula Bardell-Hedley said...

Thank you, Hayley. Hope you have fantastic break and look forward to reading your blog postings. :-)