4 August 2009

LDS Tourism Continue to Lead the Way

As usual, we are working flat-out through the school holidays. We will shortly be adding the Grosvenor Shopping Centre (Chester) and the New Mersey Shopping Park (Speke) to our collection of exclusive sites. There is also another exciting contract in the pipeline, which we hope to reveal very soon.

Over the past twelve months, we have been listening closely to our client’s comments and suggestions regarding the types of display sites they prefer. In addition to this, we have been monitoring the effects the recession has had on the leaflet pick-up rate in different types of outlets.

As regular readers of this blog will know, the economic downturn has made an enormous difference to the public’s leisure time and there has been a distinct swing towards short-breaks and nostalgic holidays in the UK. In many ways, this has been a positive development for local businesses and we have been delighted to see an increase in demand for promotional leaflets in caravan parks, smaller hotels, self-catering establishments, pubs, shopping parks, tourist attractions etc. Equally, some of our once busiest locations (particularly those frequented by business travellers) have become very quiet indeed. Obviously, it’s all ‘swings and roundabouts’, to coin a somewhat overused expression, but we are intending to make a few changes for 2010.

We have decided to drop the poorly performing outlets at the end of this summer in favour of more popular sites. We have already increased our collection of Premier Network’s quite significantly over the past few months and, in addition to this, you can expect to see our holders appearing in several unexpected places over the autumn and winter.

On another matter entirely, all you tweeters can now follow LDS Tourism Services on Twitter at twitter.com/LDSTS and the Brochure Marketing group at twitter.com/brochuregroup.

Please feel free to drop us a line if you have any queries, comments or suggestions.



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