1 September 2010

Adventures in Trees

by Hayley Tabarn

We were lucky enough to have a spell of sunshine this Bank Holiday weekend, so what better way to spend it than enjoying the great outdoors.

Spotting the sun on Monday morning, my fiance, James, and I hopped in the car to visit Wepre Park. There are a number of attractions within the park itself and we had fun roaming around Ewloe Castle, which was built in the 13th Century and is now in the care of Cadw. While walking through the woods you can't miss the 'red rocks' and there is wildlife all around.

Strolling along the wooden path next to Wepre Brook, we came out by the waterfall and then followed the path up to the Visitor Centre. After stopping there to pick up some more information about the park, we went on a hunt for the Pet Cemetery. As you can see from the photograph (top), on the way there James got a little distracted on his own adventure, but we eventually found our way through the Old Hall Gardens to the small pet graveyard. A little on the side of the macabre but still fascinating, as it has been there for over one hundred years.

There was still plenty left for us to explore, so we decided to visit again soon, but I think we'll probably borrow a dog to discover the park with us.

In keeping with the theme of tree top fun, James had an opportunity to 'Go Ape' this summer at Delamere Forest. For anyone who hasn't heard of it, Go Ape is an activity course set up in the forest canopy; a high-wire forest adventure.

Everyone was clambering across rope bridges, flying down zip lines and scrambling up cargo nets. I was able to watch safely from the forest floor and everyone looked like they were having a brilliant time. James says he would recommend it to anyone, even though he was a bit sore the next day. Watch this space and maybe I'll give it a go myself. All in the name of research, of course!

If you have enjoyed a great day out this summer, please let us know and we may publish it in this blog.

Images © LDS Tourism Services Ltd., 2010


Neil Evans said...

Wepre Park and the walk up from the visitor centre to Ewloe castle is well worth a visit. Hard to believe that you are in central Flintshire - it's so rural with many mature trees.
Great children's play area by the Visit Centre.

Hayley Tabarn said...

Thanks for your comment Neil. I had lived close to Wepre for 2 years before I visited! I wish I'd gone sooner, so much to see there. Glad you enjoy it too.