16 September 2010

Wrexham Has Big Plans

Bangor Bridge crossing the River Dee
Having watched the first episode in the second series of Hotel Stephanie (New Hotel Stephanie, BBC1 Wales, 10.35pm) on Tuesday night, Diana and I were looking forward to meeting the indomitable Stephanie Booth at an official gathering of the Wrexham Chamber of Trade & Tourism (WCT&T) the following evening.

For those who have been living in a hole for the last few years, Stephanie is the millionaire owner of a chain of up-market, highly successful hotels in North East Wales (seven at last count). She is also Chair of both Llangollen Chamber of Trade & Tourism and WCT&T; Group Managing Director at Global Investment Group plc. and star of the aforementioned fly-on-the-wall series. In her spare time she cares for over 300 rescue animals.

Regular readers will be aware that LDS Tourism Services has long supported the FSB’s Keep Trade Local campaign and (for obvious reasons) we very much want to see tourism thrive in the region. Joining WCT&T is our way of giving something back to the area while hopefully advancing our own business interests.

The group met at the Wynnstay Arms Hotel (Stephanie’s latest acquisition) in Wrexham town centre. Free coffee and bacon butties were provided in the Function Room before the meeting commenced, which gave everyone plenty of time to chat before the minutes were read and approved.

Stephanie is a warm, vivacious lady, with an incredible memory for facts and figures and a lively sense of humour. She spoke animatedly about her plans for the area and encouraged all present to “work together to achieve success”. Indeed, her mantra seems to be, “little people become very powerful when they work together”.

A great many topics were covered in just under two hours and much enthusiasm was shown by the vast majority of those present. Up for discussion were the Chamber’s new website, the Christmas Festival and Victorian Market, a forthcoming meeting with Wrexham County Borough Council, the Year of Culture, public toilets, hot air balloons and the importance of social media marketing.

We left feeling extremely positive about the future of Wrexham and would urge anyone with a business based in the County to join. You can download an application form right here.

The next meeting is likely to take place on 13th October at the Wynnstay Arms. Keep watching our regular Twitter updates for any changes.

Image: ©Britainonview, 2010


Jane Redfern Jones said...

Great post Paula. For years people have been talking about what Wrexham 'needs' but not doing anything about it. It's great to have Stephanie here and actually taking some action, and as you say, getting other businesses involved.

Hayley Tabarn said...

Sounds like a brilliant meeting Paula with some great ideas. I'm really pleased LDS have become involved and I look forward to us working to improve Wrexham.

Paula B-H said...

Thank you both for your comments. It's so exciting to get involved at a fairly early stage and I really hope LDS Tourism Services can do its bit to further the groups aims.